Writing and Editing

Meredith Dault's writing has been seen in the Globe and Mail, the Chronicle Herald, the Coast, Green Living, Eco Options, Words and Music, Canadian Art, Border Crossings, Visual Arts News, OptimyzHalifax Magazine and Progress, among others, and online at Reader's Digest (Canada), Best Health, Yahoo Canada, and Sympatico/ MSN.

She also writes regularly for the School of Graduate Studies at Queen's University. 

Meredith served as the editor for the Halifax blog site Infomonkey.net from 2006 to 2007, and has edited a number of publications for the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia including "Graeme Patterson: Woodrow" (2006), "Arena: The Art of Hockey" (2008) and "Flight Dreams" (2009).

Meredith is a member of the Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia.

Selected Writing:

Features / Profiles

"The Truth About Your T.A", The Coast, September 2010

"Sex Work in the Shadows", the Coast, August 2009

"How to not get stuck in Halifax," The Coast, August 2009

"The Accidental Master's Student", the Globe and Mail, October 2007

"Bombs Away", the Coast, July 2007

"Scum Sail Away", the Coast, April 2007

"Medium With a Message", the Chronicle Herald, March 2007

"Heart on His Sleeves", the Coast, January 2007

"Faking It", the Coast, August 2006

"Fit, 51 and Female", the Chronicle Herald, May 2006

"Where Goes the Neighbourhood?", the Coast, March 2006


"Waiting for a Song to Grow," (profile of Catherine MacLellan), Words & Music, Fall 2010

"Nicholas Baier," Canadian Art, Fall 2009 (VISUAL ART) 

"Ian Baxter&", Border Crossings, Issue No. 111 (VISUAL ART)

"2b, now and forever", the Coast, March 2009 (THEATRE)

"Battle of the Books?", Atlantic Books Today, Holiday 2008 (BOOKS)

"Park Life", the Coast, December 2008 (VISUAL ART)

"Close Encounters", the Coast, November 2008 (VISUAL ART)

"Marie Chouinard's Body of Work", the Coast, October 2008 (DANCE)

"Alex Livingston in Review: Blurring the Boundaries," Canadian Art, June 2008 (VISUAL ART)

"Ted Robinson's Solo Flight", the Coast, May 2008 (DANCE)

"Rockin' Roll", the Coast, April 2008 (DANCE)

"A Cut Above", the Coast, January 2008 (DANCE)

"On The Move", the Coast, December 2007 (DANCE)

"The Little Art Galleries That Could," the Globe and Mail, September 2007 (VISUAL ART)

"A Lucky Life" (profile of Jill Barber), Words & Music, Summer 2007 (MUSIC)

Carl Zimmerman, Canadian Art, Summer 2007 (VISUAL ART)

"Double Vision" (profile of Sue Gibson Garvey), Halifax, July 2007

"Check Your Head", Halifax, June 2007 (VISUAL ART)

"Close to You" (REVIEW), Border Crossings, Issue No. 105 (VISUAL ART)

John Hartman "Cities" (REVIEW), Border Crossings, Issue No. 103 (VISUAL ART)

Peter Dykhuis: "You Are Here" (REVIEW), Border Crossings, Issue No. 102 (VISUAL ART)

"Maritime Magic: The East Coast is Awash with Talented Songwriters, Words & Music, Winter 2006 (MUSIC)

"Follow Me Home", the Coast, September 2006 (FILM)

Health / Lifestyle

"5 Workouts for your Brain," Best Health, September 2010

"Kick Procrastination's Ass," The Coast, September 2010

"5 Reasons to Strengthen Your Core," Best Health, August 2010

"5 Ways to Beat Loneliness," Best Health, June 2010

"7 Herbal Teas That Will Make You Healthy," Best Health, March 2010

"Are You Breathing the Right Way?", Best Health, May 2009

"Dealing With Anxiety", Best Health, April 2009

"Rules of the Road for Bike Safety", Reader's Digest, April 2009

"What to Expect After a Heart Attack", Reader's Digest, January 2009

"Resolutions: Set Yourself up for Success", Reader's Digest, January 2009

"Anxiety: Symptoms and Treatments", Best Health, December 2008

"How to Tell if You Have Bad Breath", Best Health/ SympaticoMSN, December 2008

"Eight Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain", Best Health, December 2008

"Kick At The Darkness", the Coast, January 2008


"Adventure Travel with Kids", Reader's Digest, June 2010"

"Yoga Retreats Benefit Mind, Body and Soul," Best Health, March 2010"

"Plan Your Travel Adventure", Reader's Digest, March 2009


"Baby, You Can Share My Car," Nova Scotia: Open to the World, Summer 2009

"Big Dreams in the Big Tent," Nova Scotia: Open to the World, Spring 2009

"Brian MacKay-Lyons: Making Good Urban Design Accessible," Progress, vol. 16 no. 3

"Rolling up her Sleeves", Progress, April 2008

The People Issue 2007 - "The Curator", Progress, June 2007

"Can Business Save Education?", Progress, April 2007

"Meetings To Remember", Progress, November 2006


"From Scandinavia with Love", Green Living Online, January 2009

"The Big Benefits of Bicycles", Green Living, Summer 2008

"Eat, Drink and Be Eco-Friendly," the Coast, December 2007

"Tips for reducing expenses and green-house gas emissions", Eco Options, Fall 2007

"Investing in the Future" (profiles of Robert Schad, Stephen R. Bronfman and Ray Civello) Green Living, Spring & Summer 2007

"A 7-step Eco-audit of Your Garden", Eco Options, Spring 2007

"Wood Work: FSC-certified lumber proves that we can manage our forests responsibly", Eco Options, Fall 2006

Artist / Exhibition Catalogues

"Media Souvenir: Travel and Tourism in Contemporary Art Video", Centre for Art Tapes, April 2008

Introductory essay for the Annapolis Royal Sculpture Symposium catalogue, July 2007

"Victor Wang: The Face of Light", Odon Wagner Contemporary, November 2006

"Régine Lhéritier: Entre Nous", Odon Wagner Contemporary, September 2005

"The Ties That Bind: Motherhood in Performance in Videos by Ulrike Rosenbach and Mirha-Soleil Ross", V-Tape (part of the Curatorial Incubator program), 2004

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